Francis' Story

As we continue our support for National Adoption Month, take a moment to meet the Piper family. Jocelyn and Troy Piper were a blended family, living in Illinois, and were looking to adopt. They had plenty of love to give and have now welcomed two children living with rare diseases from Hong Kong into their family.

While adopting their first son Nolan, who lives with medically complex cerebral palsy, they learned of another boy who would often keep Nolan company and play with him. This young boy would refer to Nolan as his “brother” when speaking to the caregivers at the home they were in. This dream became a reality when the Pipers adopted their second child in 2015. That boy was then eleven-year-old Francis.

The Pipers reunited Nolan and Francis in 2018 after they adopted Francis, who lives with WAGR syndrome, with grant support from Horizon partner Gift of Adoption. Learn more about Horizon’s commitment to supporting rare disease adoptions through the #RAREis Adoption Fund.

Watch Francis’ unique story of finding his forever home with the Piper Family and see how that story came to life through song with the Sing Me A Story Foundation.

Download the song and donate

Listen to Racheal Davis’ song “The Lucky Ones,” which she performed live at the 2019 Global Genes RARE Patient Advocacy Summit.

To donate to Gift of Adoption and to receive a download of the song, visit the Sing Me A Story website.

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