What is rare?

#RAREis elevating the voices, faces and experiences of people living with rare disease.

About the community

#RAREisTM began as a social media campaign launched by Horizon Therapeutics, now Amgen, in 2017 to elevate the voices, faces and experiences of the rare disease community. It has since grown into a global program that provides individuals and families around the world with access to resources that connect, inform and educate as they navigate their daily lives. The hashtag (#), #RAREis, remains as a way to follow the conversation on social media and remains in the name and logo to represent the broader program and community.

RAREis Voices

See how Amgen’s #RAREis program is raising awareness for people living with rare diseases.


#RAREis brings together a chorus of individuals speaking out to the world about rare disease and what #RAREis means to them. Tell the rare disease story you are passionate about.

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